SOD continues to grow organically - both as a school and as a community. From the first shoots that appeared above ground in 2014, to the growing network of shoots and roots now moving across the nation, SOD students are rising into their destinies with hearts and minds genuinely desiring to see His Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven. 

While specific BSSM materials and SOD's own unique program are a part of our school, space for the direction and leading of Holy Spirit is invaluable in introducing SOD students to their original design. 

SOD provides a "learning" environment (or ecosystem) that provides students the necessary time and space for the direction and leading of Holy Spirit. Whether in moments of stillness, reflection, or celebration with Him and His Word, we have witnessed organic growth in many of our students. Holy Spirit lives in our ecosystem and He is the one who brings our students to life.  

Due to SOD's organic growth, the vision of SOD is living and breathing. Each year brings with it fresh revelation and new understanding. Our first year of SOD was largely about planting the garden and drawing the gold out of students and seeing them awaken to Jesus in their destiny. Our second year of SOD was about the DNA of heaven residing in us. And towards the end of our third year of SOD, we came alive to the concept of the "SOD Pod." 

What is a sod pod?

Owing to the fact that SOD has its own flourishing ecosystem, we have begun to contemplate what transplanting that ecosystem into other places might look like. Our aim in this is not to transplant in order to replicate the original SOD Pod, but rather, to allow new ecosystems to grow that have in them the DNA of connection with Papa, and a yearning to live as a child in His Kingdom (Matthew 19:14).

In 2016, I was driving from Culcairn (where SOD is based) to another small country town just over ten minutes away. As I drove through the other side of that town, I suddenly felt as though I had entered the exact same ecosystem as that of SOD. I could only describe the consistency of that ecosystem as similar to that of a jelly bubble; it was possibly the weirdest sensation I had ever felt. 

As I drove out the other side of the "jelly bubble," I suddenly realised where I was. I had driven past the property of a couple who help mentor our SOD students, and who are on our oversight team at church. Then it dawned on me... 

In the same way a plant is transplanted into another environment with the same DNA, soil, and microorganisms as its original environment, I felt SOD could be transplanted in a similar manner. In fact, the couple on the property had  reproduced an ecosystem almost identical to SOD in another part of our region without even trying; they had become a "SOD Pod".

Upon experiencing this tangible transference, I wondered if other students could be transplanted into other parts of the country - and into other nations - simply by way of moving to those places as a "SOD Pod". If a group of people were to carry the DNA, soil, and root system of what God has done, and is continuing to do in SOD, what might that look like on a global scale? What might it look like if the sons and daughters of the King come alive to His original design for their lives? How might SOD Pods contribute to 'making disciples of all nations'?

If the sons and daughters of God know whose they are and who they are, Jesus' light will unashamedly be placed on a stand for all to see, rather than be covered over by self-reduction and fear. SOD Pods open to Jesus - the light of the world - will themselves become lights in the world:

Once more Jesus addressed the crowd. He said, “I am the Light of the world. He who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life.”  John 8:12