'He gave them another parable [to consider], saying, “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and sowed in his field; and of all the seeds [planted in the region] it is the smallest, but when it has grown it is the largest of the garden herbs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air find shelter in its branches.”' Matthew 13:31-32




In response to the fruit we witnessed in our own lives and in the lives of those around us, we knew we had to offer BSSM to people outside of our general church body. This was confirmed through a series of dreams and visions, along with the orchestration of God, who sovereignly connected us with two people: Andrew and Esther Vardis. Andrew and Esther had returned to Australia after completing their first year of BSSM. 

In the year prior to our meeting, I had been fixated on the Garden of Eden and the connection Adam and Eve had with their loving Father before the fall. Through my preoccupation with the Garden, I found myself longing for a similar connection with Papa God, and couldn’t get the phrase ‘Back to Original Design’ out of my mind. In fact, this phrase and others like it seemed to pop up randomly in worship sessions and various prophecies. 

Our relationship with the Vardis’ led to our connection with two key leaders who have been vital catalysts in shaping our present-day identity: Iain Bradbeer, (Author of ‘The Operating System of Jesus’), and Dan Weber, (Founder, School of Supernatural Transformation, California). Our synergy with these people, along with the supernatural awareness of God’s leading, was enough to birth the concept of our very own ministry school. 

In understanding the significance of starting a school, we knew we needed a name, but we didn’t have to deliberate or wait long. The name of the school came out of a personal dream I had. In the dream I saw tufts of grass beginning to sprout in random places across our nation, and I intrinsically understood them to be people coming alive to who they were in Christ. Upon waking from this dream, I knew the school needed to be called the ‘School of Original Design’. I do not believe it is coincidence that the acronym for our name spells "S.O.D.", as the definition of SOD is: 

‘1. A section cut or torn from the surface of grassland, containing the matted roots of grass, and 2. The surface of the ground, especially when covered with grass; turf; sward’  (Dictionary.com, 2016, n.p.).

A few months after the dream, as I sat in a worship session, I had a vision. In this vision I saw potted plants. New little plants all potted and ready for distribution. Planted in pots whilst in Heavenly places, ready for distribution throughout the earth. I felt to call out, ‘Who wants one? Be hungry, people! Be greedy for the things of Heaven. He will gladly give you one if you will look after it!’