mariannA train

Student, 2016

'There is such a vast difference between religion and relationship. This year in SOD I learned the difference between the two. When we have true relationship with Papa God, it changes everything about our lives. It changes how we view Him and it changes how we view ourselves.

Papa God is far more interested in our relationship with Him than any religious practices we may think we have to fulfil. There are many religious constraints that try to push against Papa Gods' sons and daughters, but when all of those falsehoods are unveiled, we see God for who He really is.

For me, this year has been about discovering the true heart of God and His amazing unconditional love. He is not a harsh judge, but rather, a Father who has a deep desire to walk with us every day of our lives.'  

steve train

Student, 2016

'Committing to a year of learning was a big decision for me. I hadn't done any serious schooling for quite a while, so when I signed up for SOD, I knew there would be challenges. What I wasn't prepared for was the life changes that I would experience. The times of frustration that occurred as God worked on my inner emotions, was counter weighted with times of breakthrough and intimacy with the Father... When I connected with God, it was solid and lasting. The way He tenderly, yet purposefully unraveled me and created a solid foundation on which I could stand, was amazing.'  

antony orr

Student, 2016

Antony Orr.jpg

'I found through the year that even though we had teachers, God was my main teacher. Whenever I struggled, God would speak directly into the area of my struggle through the subjects and materials we were covering during those times.' 


Student, 2016

'Prior to commencing the School of Original Design (SOD), I did not know what to expect. I believed, like all courses it would involve learning and assignments. Being very hungry to know more about God, SOD put forward different challenges. It invites you to have live connection with God, like nothing I have ever experienced in my relationship with God before! SOD became a safe place to connect, share, learn and grow in God’s love.

I recommend SOD to all, especially if you are hungry for connect and grow in His amazing love. It offered more than any other course I have attended in my life. It offered live connection and a life long journey with God.'


Student, 2016

Catherine Disher.jpg

'SOD took me on an adventure. It provided me with the space and grace to journey away from my wall of religious boxes, and propelled me towards the wide open arms of Father God. I allowed His freedom to anchor itself in my soul, and from that freedom - that lifeline - I became fully aware of His amazing love, and of who He had made me to be. 

The power of what Jesus accomplished on the cross when the veil in the temple was torn in two has become a very real and ongoing event in my life; no more separation due to religious ideology or performance mindsets.'

'It was for this freedom that Christ set us free [completely liberating us]; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.' Galatians 5:1

frin head

Student, 2014

'Wow! What a year!! An utterly challenging and empowering year!

SOD has been an amazing opportunity to breathe in fresh revelation of our identity of being Papa Gods sons and daughters. To step into activating more of the kingdom in our own unique way from that place. From a rawness of worship we've had beautiful encounters with our God, and the resonance of heaven that we are now in tune with is empowering us into infinity and beyond!!'

emily wilksch

Student, 2014

'From the very beginning, the name "SOD" has been prophetic and declarative of the year we have had. God has confirmed it time and again as we've grown and learned. You need to come and discover SOD for yourself!

There are not enough words to explain all that has happened for me this year, but I am honestly so glad I chose SOD.' I have grown from living a mediocre 'Christian' life, to having my relationship with the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit awakened and solidified.

I recommend SOD if you want more. Come and allow your life to be changed and ruined for the ordinary. I am so glad I did. 

bek disher

Student, 2014

'My SOD journey began as a desire to get myself together and find peace; following a year of being completely unraveled and feeling a bit like Humpty Dumpty... “All the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put Humpty together again”. I knew that God was good but that knowing hadn't always been my reality.

For me, SOD was about stepping into this revelation: God is good! He only gives good gifts! 

God acts according to His nature; we should act according to ours - made in His image. When we receive Jesus, we are given the mind of Christ and He makes us a new creation. Our nature is that of Christ. Therefore we are good, as Jesus was good. Jesus was perfect, we are made perfect. Incredible.'


Student, 2015-2016


My hope and heart for more of God

is growing and imparted while doing SOD.

To learn, His Presence I want more

Was the prayerful cry I did implore.

But learning of the Father's love

and His presence rests as in the Dove,

The Holy Spirit in my heart;

To activate and now impart.

So much to learn, so much to give

To share my Jesus as I live.

So from this day I truly know

I'm releasing Jesus as I go...'

David Elmer

'There are very few times in your life when you hear something spoken and know in your heart of hearts that you were born for it. The School of Original Design is one such thing.

It is a place of healing, of spiritual maturity, growth, training and sending. Most of all it's a place of deep intimacy and identity with Papa God. Where He will meet you where ever you are at. Because He loves you that much.'


'SOD impacted me in a way that set me free from the box I didn't realize I was in. It has shown me that I am a person that connects well with others. It has allowed me to experience and enter into a new season in my life without fear, and an overwhelming sense of God's love.

SOD has changed my thinking; I think less and rest more. I trust God with all the 'stuff' of life.'