Creative Activity by Kath Manning

Roughly two years ago, God gave me a picture of an eagle walking around in a chicken pen with a whole lot of other chickens. They were all scratching around. In the picture, the eagle had a ball and chain attached to its leg. The eagle couldn't fly and was trying to be just like the chickens.

At the time I didn't really understand what God meant by this picture. I knew the eagle didn't belong in the chicken pen and I could see the ball and chain attached to its leg, but I didn't really understand the whole scenario of why the eagle was with a bunch of chickens, trying to something he wasn't — until I read The Operating System of Jesus by Iain and Clare Bradbeer. At that point, the penny dropped! 

I was the eagle. The jailer (judgment) had me totally ensnared in the operating system of judgment and religion, not knowing who I was and what was really mine. The inner constructs I had erected over a lifetime had me thinking I was something I was never created to be. This had me trapped into living an absolute lie. 


The Jailer is Gone by Kath Saunders

My heart ached for the coming of the Lord—for the day,

No more worry, or concern for those who drifted away.

How many nights I cried myself to sleep, thinking of the lost.

Believing we needed to keep praying to our Heavenly Ghost.

I was told it was my job to pray every day; to hold onto concerns until they went away.

So I continued both day and night, being deceived by the enemy’s plight.

The Jailer played with my emotions each day, he was happy for me to toil away.

We moaned, and we moaned, we cried out to the Lord, only to find feelings of exhaustion and lack of worth.


Prayers weren't answered, pain crept in, we were reminded of our great sin.

Not good enough, we strived and we strived, to keep enduring that’s what we applied.

We checked our hearts again and again, overplayed our hands and compliance crept in.

Feelings condemned, we continued on, on seeking his forgiveness each time after time.

Then something took place, and I was reminded again of His enduring Love and the foundation stone—the CORNER piece that held it all and aligned my life like never before.

He showed me a river, that flowed from His throne, from the Third Heaven, His heavenly home.

Papa Father disclosed to me, I was loved and known; I was one of His living stones.

My name had a song, and I heard it clear; I was the one He held so dear.


He tells me His secrets, and whispers in my ear; “no more fear, I'm always near.”

I’ve resumed dreaming and I love to see that the Father continues to come to me.

And now I see, and now I hear, that He is perfect and He made me.

Now I pray, Thy Kingdom come, just like in Heaven on earth be done.

The Jailer has gone and I’m reminded each day, of a system not designed for me still trailing away.

Judgement is over, the joy has begun, and now we navigate through the original Son,

The Godhead in place before time began.

The original design is Heavenly made, by Jesus Himself who reflects the Father's name.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit, vibrations of Heaven and Earth have always been the same, we just believed in the Jailer’s name.


So the jailer is gone, you're no longer in chains, welcome, Jesus, Kingdoms name.

Jailer be gone, you're no longer welcome,

As the greatest designer only comes from Heaven.

Papa Father Himself is my only Fame,

Majestic, Powerful, Counsellor is He, our loving Papa has come just for me…

For the one… the Children of God, His prodigal sons.

The Vine by Sandra Muller

He prunes to increase our fruit:

“I am the true Vine, and My Father is the vinedresser. Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit, He takes away; and every branch that continues to bear fruit, He [repeatedly] prunes, so that it will bear more fruit [even richer and finer fruit]. You are already clean because of the word which I have given you [the teachings which I have discussed with you]. Remain in Me, and I [will remain] in you. Just as no branch can bear fruit by itself without remaining in the vine, neither can you [bear fruit, producing evidence of your faith] unless you remain in Me. I am the Vine; you are the branches.' John 15:1-9

Jesus' Love by Steve Train

In the Garden of Gethsemane, before the Cross, the atmosphere of Heaven was alive and real as Jesus loved us. At that pivotal moment in history - with everything that was transpiring in Heaven and on earth - Jesus chose to love us. The evidence of His love was reflected in His interaction with the disciples and the guards. As Peter cut off one of the guard's ears (Luke 22:51), Jesus was loving us; he reattached the guard's ear. As the disciples became weary from sorrow and fell asleep (Luke 22:39-46), Jesus was loving us; He woke us up and urged us to pray. As Peter denied Jesus three times (Luke 22:54-62), Jesus was loving us; He provided us with a way to move beyond the shame of disappointment: "Peter, do you love me?"(John 21:17). Jesus even loved us when we rejected Him and fell short of His calling (Judas Iscariot).

Jesus was willing to carry the weight of our obvious fear and sorrow—even at the most crucial of moments when we should, in fact, have been bearing some of the weight of His worries. But we didn't and He did. He carried that weight until He said "It is finished", and then the "weight" was gone, and the "wait" was over. And now we are free to live as He intended us to—in the Garden without restriction, reduction, or condemnation. 

Quote by Antony Orr

'The war is over because Jesus already won. We might walk the battlegrounds, but we own the territory. In the words of John 16:33: ‘I have told you these things – so that in me, you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world’ (Bible Gateway, 2017, n.p.).'

Jonah - Creative Activity by Rachael Muller

The following is a symbolic representation of of the story of Jonah. The illustration was aimed at reflecting Jonah's obedience and how his obedience created a gateway for the redemption of Nineveh. God's heart for the city of Nineveh was good, and He wanted to see the city of Nineveh live and thrive. 

In the illustration the hands are firmly gripping a chain to the point of rupturing; the hands signify the sacrifice and dedication for the city. The fracturing chain clearly indicates freedom and deliverance for the people of Nineveh. 

The focal point of the picture is the bird. The bird was intended to be the representation of Jonah. The meaning behind Jonah's name is dove and he is a symbol of peace in this scripture. God sent Jonah to the city of Nineveh as a blessing to the city. I thought it was important that the bird was in front of God's hands breaking the chain because I wanted to convey the significance of Jonah's obedience. In the story we see a major character change in Jonah from when he is furious with the people of Nineveh, to when he sees the value of the city through God's eyes. God took him back to the city's first love; Nineveh was hurting and they had distanced themselves from the truth. When Jonah recognised his significance and the importance of what he carried, only then did he fully step into his calling. 

Father's Love by Steve Train

Father's Love


The troubles of the day, the burdens at hand

Seem to fade away as I listen to the band

The rhythmic beat, the words so clear

It draws me in, it draws me near

To the One that I love, the One I adore

He doesn't hold back, He just gives me more

Of His love and affection and what's on His heart

What He has for me, and what He has to impart

There are blessings from heaven, things not yet seen

There are places to travel, where I've not yet been

Step into these things; I want you to be excited

The plans have been made, you've been invited

In this place of encounter and when God seems so real

I regain my peace, I get back my zeal

My confidence restored, my passion ignited

To see lives restored to those that have been invited

Into the Kingdom of God and to share His glory

To see things change, to rewrite their story

To a life of blessing filled with joy and love

And filled with the richness of the Father's love

Thoughts On The Supernatural Ways of Royalty

By Kath Hendy

The Bride (the church) has spent many centuries forgetting who she is and as a result she has not fully recognised who she is - or more importantly whose she is. How can a bride step into her role as a bride if she doesn't realise that she is already spoken for, that she is lovely, and that she is someone's beloved? If she doesn't know these things, she spends her days trying to fight for His affection and prove her worthiness to Him. But in dying for her, He already proved to her that she is worthy.

When people do not understand what their identity is based on they will be swayed easily by other voices (more often than not, these voices do not come from people around us, but the Father of lies. the accuser) that differ from what He says about them. 

Royalty does not listen to false statements about who they are, nor do they entertain them. A King or Queen understands his/her place and silences the words that come against them as a curse. Think of what Kings and Queens did in the past when treason occurred. Royalty did not take treason lightly, but they swiftly dealt with the crimes. 

When the bride forgets her position and who she is, she shrinks away from fulfilling who she is called to be and allows shame and condemnation to hide her from embracing a beautiful life of intimacy with her King. In a nation where there is division or uncertainty between the King and Queen the people of the nation experience instability and dissension; it is not a place where intimacy can grow safely and abundantly. 

A Prince or Princess can leave their castle and go out to explore their land and love on the people of the nation because they know their Almighty Father completely has their back. They also know they have the power of the kingdom's army to protect them. If we don't believe we deserve His love, we also don't believe we deserve His protection, provision, and anything good that He desires to give us. 

This is a journey of walking in connection and intimacy with God where I can continue to learn what life looks like in His family and in His plan. As a royal-minded person I don't have to fear rejection as I have already captured my lover's heart and I am completely accepted. I don't look to my past, or let it dictate my future. I look towards a future of enriching fulfillment, exciting adventure, and of a love story that never ends.


Seeking the Peace and Prosperity of the City

By Cara Starick: Student, 2016

To me, the story of Jonah speaks clearly about the tremendous love God has for His kids - even His lost kids... Papa put it on my heart to paint a picture for our Jonah assessment, and I was really excited!

I felt Papa wanted me to paint His hands coming out of Heaven holding a cherry blossom, and within the cherry blossom His hands holding the city. Baffled by this picture I asked Him why it had to be a cherry blossom. He impressed upon my heart the need to research the meaning of the cherry blossom, and I did so - with mind blowing results. I am so excited and bubbling over with joy, wonder and awe of our Papa God, the meaning is exactly what I see in His heart toward Nineveh, Jonah and the world.

In Asian cultures, the cherry blossom is fundamentally a symbol of love and joy. It is believed that the cherry blossom promotes love and spiritual awareness. The “Sakura” tree in Japan are highly esteemed, Japans Samurai culture admired the cherry blossom due to their short – lived lives and also used them as representation of blood drops.

It's a symbol of hope: the season of the cherry blossom corresponds to the calendar and fiscal years in Japan. This marks the start of new beginnings. The intensity and liveliness of the cherry blossom warrants anyone to dream and hope for big things in the future and to be optimistic. And finally it's a symbol of humility.

I found the cherry blossom itself to be a representation of Jesus, whom He sent to die for us, opening the door for us, His beloved children to have a spiritual relationship with Him,  become spiritually aware of Him and His love for us, bringing love and joy into our lives. His beloved son was only among us for a short time who shed His precious blood for us, tearing the vail and bringing hope to all the world, with the drops of His blood came new beginnings, new life, birthing of new dreams bringing hope, for the future and as we come to Him we humble ourselves before Him and give Him our all, opening the door to an intimate relationship with Him, the only thing He ever wanted from us, this was His heart for Nineveh, Jonah, the world and us. He just wanted/wants to lavish us in love, and show us His goodness. This is His heart, He just hungers and thirsts after this, He just wants us all to Himself this is why He created us for His pleasure.