The following includes workbooks and text books

Application fee: $100 

Initial Deposit for SOD: $840  

Full-time SOD: $4200 over one year

Part-time SOD: $4400 over two years (includes $200 administration fee)

The Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology is Youth Allowance/Austudy approved.

Payment Plan

We would prefer your full fee be paid before commencement of SOD. Alternatively, tuition can be paid with an initial deposit of $840, followed by 40 weekly payments for one year of SOD, or 80 weekly payments for two years of part-time SOD.  

After your deposit has been made, the outstanding fee can be paid by using one of two options (including the surcharge the remaining amount to be paid via the payment plan is as follows):

1. Weekly payments of $89.25 x 40 weeks for one year full-time

2. Weekly payments of $47.25 x 80 weeks for two years part-time 

Please note: a 5% surcharge applies when adopting the payment plan.

There is a mission component to this course. Cost and details of the mission trip will be advised closer to the event. 

Required Information for Centrelink

Official start and finish dates: August 28, 2017 to June 4, 2018

Course name: 10434NAT Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology 

Enrollment number: as received upon enrollment 

ACAS - The Australian Centre for Advanced Studies

Centrelink Institution code for ACAS: 6P200